KURTSAN has been founded in Bursa in 1974, as a family owned enterprise. For more than 40 years, has established innumerable food processing machines, production lines and turn-key plants with high quality, advanced technology and express service after sales both in the domestic market and in the Central Asian Turkic Republics, Eastern Europe, North Africa and the Middle East. It has aimed to provide quality service to its customers and has been developing itself with this goal since its establishment.


   We noticed in 80’s that the food and machine industries were not efficient. In the light of this information, with all kinds of food production processes made out of stainless steel materials, we started manufacturing various machines either tailor made for the needs of the customer or on project base. We minimized human intervention by supporting the machines and turn-key plants with automation systems such as PLC and etc.


   We are carrying KURTSAN into the future in a strategically important industry by continually following the customer expectations; designing, manufacturing and presenting energy efficient, environment conscious and work oriented machines with a high added value, advanced technology; using our resources efficiently; aiming for sustainable growth; regarding customer satisfaction, welfare of the employees and ethical values with a corporation management mentality. KURTSAN is a leading company in Turkey industry. It provided innumerable turn-key plants for many countries and gained a place in world ranking.


   Our major manufacturing areas can be listed as, greengrocery canning machines and plants; drying kilns and lines for greengrocery - olive and dried fruits; dairy products, marine products, pickle, chocolate, fruit juice processing lines; tunnel-band pasteurization and cooling systems; full automatic autoclave sterilization systems; evaporator and bull systems; all kinds of conveyor systems; washing systems; heating and cooling systems; tanks and silos for storage; date cleaning units (without using water); date processing and calibrating machines; date syrup (molasses, fruit juice, marmalade), jam-marmalade and tomato paste plants; ketchup and pizza sauce lines; pasteurization systems for liquid goods; plants and derivatives production lines for specify goods such as rosehip and blueberry; citrus processing lines; sorting-shelling- peeling-cutting and controlling systems; dry food sterilization systems; high pressured CO2 fumigation systems...


   We keep serving for our investors with our R&D and engineering departments, 40 years of experience and references and a perfect quality understanding.