Our aim is to produce reliable and durable products that raise our customers' expectations by aiming for excellence in our work. For this purpose, we constantly perfect our quality management system by applying and following international standards regarding our competence, products and processes, and our business. We aim to be the pioneer of our country in the Food and Machinery manufacturing sector and the preferred business partner of our customers in the international market.
With the technological investments we constantly make, we increase our production efficiency and competitiveness day by day and use our resources more efficiently. For this purpose, we take even the smallest nonconformities seriously, monitor our processes with data, evaluate the changing expectations of our customers and ensure rapid dissemination from senior management to the lowest level personnel in order to ensure permanent customer satisfaction.
We attach great importance to creating a safe and secure work environment filled with happy employees. We create and encourage continuous training opportunities so that everyone in our organization can become more competent, more knowledgeable and able to use their skills at the highest level. We encourage innovative and creative ideas.
We act with the awareness that we can develop our targeted success through long-term strategic business partnerships, in integrity with internal and external issues, our stakeholders, customers and suppliers.
KURTSAN STAINLESS STEEL MACHINERY AND FACILITIES Imp. expulsion Tic. Ltd. Ltd. We undertake to all our stakeholders, customers, suppliers and employees that we will strive for 'CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT' by fulfilling the requirements of our responsibilities, in line with all these principles, in compliance with laws and regulations, as the key to achieving quality targets.