:Continuously scalded products are continuously scalded through the belt.


:Bodies are made of AISI 304 material.


:Conveyor belt modular type is used.


:Available in shower or immersion types.


:PLC automation.


:Easy operation with touchscreen LCD display.


:Kurtsan Belt type Scalding Blancher: consists of inlet belt and feeding belt, scalding, cooling and outlet belts.




:The heating system is operated fully automatically with proportional steam valves at the steam inlets, condensstops at the outlets, level devices for pool water and temperature control devices.


:1200-3000 kg/h (It varies according to the time the product is kept in the boiling section.

Technicial Specifications

  • The products are designed in such a way that the products are not damaged in any way and continuous and regular product flow is ensured thanks to the transition belts placed at the top and bottom of the bunkers.
  • There are wear-resistant friction slides under the belt.
  • There are equipment required for the water inside the machine to be at homogeneous temperature at every point.
  • There will be manhole covers on the machine for intervention purposes.
  • Machine temperature and belt speed will be adjustable.
  • The electrical panel of the machine will be manufactured in IP55 sealing class. All electrical and electronic controls will be provided via PLC.

Usage Areas

  • Olive
  • Peas
  • Egypt
  • Beans
  • Chickpea
  • Carrots etc.