• Our pepper roasting machine has a chain system.
  • The chassis is divided into 3 longitudinal sections, the first section is the part where the peppers are attached to the welded wires on the chains.
  • The second section is a closed chamber system with a complete fireproof plaster on the inner surface and cfb insulation underneath,
  • the third part is the part where the peppers are roasted.
  • The roasting machine has 2 burner type burners working with LPG or Natural Gas.
  • 1 of the burners will be installed in the first section and 1 in the second section.
  • Chain speed is controlled from the control panel according to the capacity and desired quality.
  • Eggplant roasting can also be done in the machine.

Technicial Specifications

Please contact for detailed information and capacities.


Machine Width : 360 mm
Machine Length : 6.000 mm



Usage Areas

  • Pepper
  • Eggplant