• It is designed in two stages for a more efficient product pulp extraction.
  • The turbo shredder shreds the products in a chamber thanks to the blades arranged on the rotor shaft.
  • The sizes of the shredded products are reduced so that they pass through the pores of the sieve at the bottom. 
  • The sieve is selected according to the product.
  • The sieve assembly is removable, allowing easy maintenance and sieve replacement.
  • The washing system ensures that the blades and the interior are cleaned with pressurized water.
  • Material is AISI 304 quality stainless steel.

Technicial Specifications

Capacity (tons/hour) Electricity Consumption (KWh)
 5 - 25 26
15-20 36
25 55


Usage Areas

  • High capacities;
  • tomato - pepper paste
  • ketchup
  • It enables the pulp of molasses types etc. products to be obtained.