• KURTSAN Vibratory Filling Unit consists of 6 different moving compartments. 
  • In the first section, there is a product distribution shaker and this distribution ensures the regular movement of the products to the machine.
  • In the middle part, there is a product filling shake and the products are transferred from the distribution section to the filling shake. Product filling is made ready to start.
  • In the front part, there is a tin and jar transport shake. The conveying shaker clamps the empty cans and jars and allows them to move smoothly.
  • This section can be adjusted according to the height of the cans and jars.
  • When filling jars and cans, your products are extremely sensitive. Excess product is removed from filled cans or jars by air knives.
  • The products spilled in the filling process move on the lateral conveyor at the bottom and are transported back to the dispensing jar.
  • The machine operates with PLC control.
  • The machine consists completely of Cr-Ni Steel 1.4301 (AISI 304) stainless materials except drive, plastic and electronic components.

Usage Areas

It is used for solid filling products;
  • Cucumber 
  • Carrot