• In particular, it allows products that are not suitable for magnetic pallet disruptors, such as empty glass jars, to be fed quickly from the pallet to the belts.
  • Empty glass jars, full jars, tin cans are used for products of different sizes and diameters.
  • KURTSAN Glass Jar Breaker; It consists of 4 sections including input belt, pallet loading table, and output belts, as well as optional pallet stacking unit.
  • After the pallet taken to the entrance band is brought to the desired position, the products in the top group are squeezed by means of pushers from 4 sides and driven onto the table.
  • The table is brought to the height of the output belt and the products are pushed to the output belt.
  • The number of products is reduced to one row on the exit conveyor.
  • Emptied pallets are accumulated in the stacking unit.
  • KURTSAN Glass Jar Breaker is equipped with mechanical and electronic safety systems to prevent work accidents that may occur. It also has audible and lighted warning alerts.
  • Values are recorded on the PLC automation screen for various lengths and the selection is made on the PLC screen in case of product change.
  • It can be operated manually or automatically.
  • Easy operation is provided with the touchscreen LCD display.

Technicial Specifications

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Usage Areas

  • Empty Jars & bottles
  • Full jars & bottles
  • Full cans & preserves
  • Empty tin cans
  • Paint and chemical cans
  • Glassware & oil pans