• It is used for fast loading of canisters, bottles or jars to be sterilized or pasteurized in the autoclave from the belt to the autoclave baskets. 
  • It is used for products with various diameters and lengths due to strong magnetic field effect.
  • Loading Autoclave Basket Machine has consisted of 4 parts; which they are inlet belt, the group of magnetic plate, the hydraulic unit and the basket loading section.
  • When the magnetic plate stows products on pallets, meanwhile the products are arranged in the order of the products in pallet size.
  • Hydraulic group and magnetic plate move at the same time, through all waiting time is removed.
  • When the products reach the desired order; the basket is take it from the loading section by the rail system and the basket is put on the cart.
  • For various lengths, the values are recorded on PLC automation screen and the when customer need to change type of container just can select from the PLC memorizes.
  • Easy to use with touch LCD display.

Technicial Specifications

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