• Kurtsan Packaging Box Packaging Machine is used for the purpose of automatically placing the packages that break pallets, break baskets or manually emptied packages into boxes or pans by taking them in certain rows and groups.
  • Packages placed in Boxes or Pans go to shrinking, taping or Palletizing.
  • It consists of 3 parts: Sorting, Grouping and Putting in a Box.
  • Automatic Box opening and Tray preparation units can be added optionally .

Technicial Specifications

Please contact for detailed information...

Usage Areas

  • Tin box
  • Aluminum Box
  • Glass Jar
  • Glass bottle,
  • Plastic Box or bottle etc.
  • Vacuum or Magnet
  • Available for different diameters
  • Adaptable to 4x3 or different groupings
  • Cardboard Pan or cardboard box can be used.