• It is used for rapid feeding of cans, bottles or jars sterilized or pasteurized in the autoclave by transferring them from the autoclave basket to the belt.
  • It is used for products with a wide range of diameters and lengths due to its strong magnetic field effect.
  • Consisting of 4 sections, KURTSAN Basket Unloader consists of basket unloading section, hydraulic unit, magnet table group and output band.
  • In the basket unloading section; there is a rail system for taking the autoclave baskets inside. Here, the basket is separated from the cart.
  • The basket and the magnet table, which are lifted up by the hydraulic unit, move at the same time and all waiting times are removed.
  • Thanks to the specially designed eccentric motor and vibration wedges at the end of the output belt; products are guided with minimum time loss without jamming.
  • Values are recorded on the PLC automation screen for various lengths and the selection is made on the PLC screen in case of product change.
  • Easy operation with touchscreen LCD display.

Technicial Specifications

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