• Kurtsan Belt Dryer is one of the machines with the widest product range in its group.
  • Drying temperature and time, air flow speed and direction are determined according to product properties.
  • Kurtsan belt dryer has a continuous flow system.
  • The product to be dried is passed through the drying cage by means of a steel conveyor belt and exposed to hot air flow.
  • The humidity of the air inside the oven is measured and only the rotten air is discharged, saving fuel, which is the biggest operating expense.
  • Steam heat exchanger is used for heating the drying air
  • With the applied process, the air flow is passed through the product from bottom to top and from the sides to the middle, thus preserving the product quality and natural color and ensuring homogeneous drying on all sides.
  • Thanks to the separation of the belt drying combination into different drying zones, it is possible to adjust each drying stage according to the specific characteristics and needs of the product at any time. Thus, with the KURTSAN belt dryer, it is possible to dry different qualities of a product evenly and carefully, as well as to dry different products.

Technicial Specifications

  • With the PLC control system, the operating conditions of the oven are ensured by controlling the temperature of the oven in °C, the speed of the belts in minutes and in proportion to each other by entering from the operator panel.
  • In the automation system, malfunctions in all electrical equipment connected to the oven (movements of the fans used in the hot air blower and humid air discharge, errors that may occur in temperature control, malfunctions that may occur in the gearmotors that give movement to the product conveyor belts) can warn the operator with sound and light and can be seen in writing on the PLC operator panel. In case of possible malfunctions, the PLC system can partially or completely disable the equipment connected to the oven (to prevent damage to the product inside).
  • The heating zones are fully insulated and all surfaces and conveyor belts that the product comes into contact with are palletized with special perforated AISI 304 quality stainless steel sheet.