• KURTSAN OLIVE DRYING OVEN is a pallet type belt working in layers.
  • The special shape and perforated pallets ensure the removal of water in the most suitable form.
  • The olive enters the oven with the upper belt, passes from belt to belt and comes out in its final form from the lowest belt.
  • There are hot air and generators with steam exchangers at the top of the oven.
  • There is 1 moisture removal fan to discharge the humid air formed at the top of the oven. With a second pipe dressed outside the collector pipe used in the fan suction, fresh air suction is provided while at the same time the hot rotten air is utilized, thus increasing the overall efficiency and minimizing costs.
  • The furnace system can be controlled from the PLC automation panel.
  • All electrical and electronic equipment is controlled from the panel and the working or malfunctioning parts can be monitored with the help of simulation on the touch screen.
  • All values; temperature, humidity, speed and application recipes to be prepared for different products can be entered and stored on the screen.
  • Oven interior ventilation is controlled by a temperature and humidity sensor connected to the automation panel.
  • At the exit of the oven, the products are taken out with 1 goose neck type product discharge elevator.
  • Oven outlet elevator belt is food grade, easy to clean, durable modular type belt.
  • The oven is manufactured from AISI 304 quality stainless steel sheet, pipe, profile and materials.

Technicial Specifications

The oven system will be designed for max. 20% moisture evaporation with a capacity of max. 1400 kg/hour.