• Heating is done by means of a thermoblock system with a steam heat exchanger, so that only the energy of the hot air supplied is transferred without contacting the product.
  • Production can be made in accordance with the Food Codex in the oven.
  • The clean hot air obtained is circulated in the room with the fan, so that the humidity of the product is removed and discharged through the humidity and speed controlled suction fan connected to the hood system.
  • Hot air and humidity are controlled in the oven.
  • Thanks to the digital thermostat, the steam valve can be controlled and the temperature can be automatically adjusted to the desired temperatures.
  • Thanks to the humidity sensor, the humidity in the oven is measured and discharged through the moisture exhaust fan in accordance with the desired percentages.
  • High efficiency insulation is provided to the oven and heat leaks are minimized.
  • The inner surface and outer part of the oven chamber is made of stainless steel material.

Technicial Specifications

1      Number of cars in the oven 7 piece
2 Number of cars outside the bakery 7 piece
3 Tray feature Perfore sheet  
4 Tray sizes 750x1040 mm
5 Number of trays in a cart 16 piece
6 Total number of trays in the oven 112 piece
7 Approximate tray transport weight 10~12 kg
8 Average Exit humidity 1300 kg
9 Average Exit humidity *10-20%  
10 Furnace process time 4~5 hour
11 Number of oven doors 3 piece
12 Vapor pressure 4 bar
13 Steam consumption 208 kg/h
14 Electricity consumption 9 kWh
15 Material AISI 304  
        * Inlet humidity was accepted at 50%.



  Height : 1600 mm
  Widht : 1150 mm
  Lenght : 8000 mm

Usage Areas

  • Fruit and vegetables