• Kurtsan Circular Vibration Screening Machine, is used to separate the products according to different calibers, to remove unwanted dust and to classify the products thanks to its mechanism and 5 different calibers can be made in a single sieve.
  • Thanks to its plain design, it can be easily cleaned. It is also fully insulated against dust from outside.
  • High sieving efficiency and special sieves of different microns ensure that the products reach the desired caliber and fineness.

Technicial Specifications

  • It is used for calibrating and sieving passing products with its specially prepared design.
  • It has a vibrator of the type and power to provide vibration.
  • The frame and existing equipment are carried by a thick flange, which is attached to the lower fixed stand by springs.
  • The hole sizes of the wire in the sieve vary according to the product being processed.


Diameter : Manufactured up to Ø 1.500 mm.

Usage Areas

  • Food sector
  • Tea spice green herb 
  • Feed and animal food sector
  • Chemical sector
  • Pharmaceutical sector
  • Cosmetics sector
  • Recycling sector
  • Plastic materials
  • Metal processing sector
  • Powder coating industry 
  • Mining and minerals sector
  • Cement, sand and refractory material
  • Woodworking sector 
  • Confectionery sector