KURTSAN Pressurized Fumigation destroy all kinds of insects in the products with CO2 gas without any chemicals required to be neutralized. 

Thanks to the high pressure CO2 gas, it also detonates eggs and larvae without any residue on the products. 

Since our system carries out the fumigation process in all natural ways, no chemicals are needed.

Technicial Specifications

- Operation Pressure: max. 30 bar

- Operation Temperature: 0/80°C

- There will be safety, nozzle holes fora ir inlet and outlets.

- Complete chassis will be painted against to corrosion 

- Elliptical shape camber, gear and flange mechanism 

- Hinge type door system

- Special design door lock system under pressure

- leakage preventive silicon gasket system that prevents leaking of gas


Diameter of Chamber
: Ø2100 mm
Usage Length
: 7.500-14.000 mm
Number Of Unit
: 1-2-3-4
Position : Horizontal or Vertical 


Usage Areas

  • Legumes,

  • Cereals,

  • Spice,

  • Seed,

  • Nuts,

  • Dried fruits,