:It is used for pasteurizing and cooling products which hot or cold-filled such as cans, jars, bottles.


:AISI 304


:Moduler type conveyor belt


:Available in shower or immersion types.


:PLC Automation


:Easy to use with touch LCD display.



:Kurtsan Pasteurizing tunnel, consist of inlet conveyor, section of pre-heating, section of pasteurization, progressive cooling, pre-cooling, the cooling and outlet conveyor.






:The heating system is fully otomatically operated by steam proportional valves in heating system at inlet steam, float Type condensate drain at outlet steam, heat control and level sensors for pool water.



Technicial Specifications

     The water in the pools in the lower part of the machine is heated by plate heat exchangers and by means of the pumps, the upper part is sprayed with sprinklers (nozzles) on the cans or jars moving on the modular belt.

  • The controls of the KURTSAN Pasteurization Tunnel are controlled by a touch screen on the automation PLC panel. They are economical machines with minimum operating costs thanks to minimum operator requirement and proportioning controls.
  • Temperature, pasteurization time can read on automation panel.
  • The temperature and time are checked by ° C degree, and minute.
  • Steps; For each  receipt can be prepared for each product. The water level is controlled by level probes, adjusted on the screen and it can be kept constant by using PLC control screen. The working level, unloading level run as automatically.
  • There are air knives installed on both sides of the belt in order to remove water top caps of products


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