• The pasteurization machine consists of nested drums that work together.
  • The tube-shaped pipe has a natural color on its outer surface, while the inner surface is cleaned, and the scraping combs made of Teflon material on the inner drum are manufactured to be easily detachable.
  • Mechanical seal assembly is used for sealing in the inlet sections.
  • The movement of the inner drum is powered by a motor with a gearbox. The pasteurizer's gearbox motor will be controlled by one thermal switch.
  • For the purpose of preheating in KURTSAN Scraping Pasteurizer, steam will be supplied, and it will be fitted on the valves and condensate traps to be used for steam inlet and outlet.
  • According to the customer's request, the pasteurizer can be fully automated, with a steam valve controlled proportionally and controlled through a PT100 temperature sensor. The control can be handled by a single automation panel.
  • The KURTSAN Scraping Pasteurizer can be designed and manufactured in groups, with the number of units increased according to the desired capacity.
  • The entire KURTSAN Scraping Pasteurizer is manufactured using high-quality AISI 304 stainless steel materials.

Technicial Specifications

Capasity :In the range of 1-1.5 tons.
Temperature Values :90-95 °C
Security :Thermal switches


Machine Witdh    : 550mm
Machine Length : 2.680mm
Machine Height : 1.330mm