• Tubular Pre Heater is heated by steam applied from the pipes applied from the pipe walls of the product, which is circulated in the pipes suitable for food laid inside.
  • All kinds of safety and accessories will be available on the preheater.
  • Pre-heater front covers will be hinged and the cover will be used as a mirror and product passages from pipes to each other will be provided through the grooves in the cover.
  • The product enters through the lower recess and exits through the upper recess after completing its circulation in the pipes.
  • KURTSAN Tubers Preheating and Pasteurizing will be manufactured with legs from special curved sheets.

Technicial Specifications

Temperature Values :Temperature value requested by the user [°C]


:KURTSAN Tubiler Preheating & Pasteurization is equipped with various equipments; Valve, Condensor, Safety Valve, Thermometer.

Material :AISI 304 Quality Stainless Steel


Preheater Diameter : 382 mm
Preheater Length : 3000 mm
Preheater Height  : 1.300 mm